Abstract: The objective of this work was to analyze packaging labels of cream crackers added with cashew nut flour, using the information contained on the label (low saturated fat content; source of unsaturated fats; no addition of trans-fats). An online questionnaire was applied, aimed at the adult population of the city of Fortaleza, State of Ceará of both sexes. The questionnaire obtained 424 responses. The association between variables was analyzed using significance levels of 5% (p-value <0.05) and 10% (p-value <0.10). Most participants said they had information on trans-fats (87.03%) and unsaturated fats (69.10%). They also said they had the habit of reading the food label (75%), observing mainly the expiration date, brand, and price in labels on biscuit packaging. The cream cracker label option number 3 (51.65%), with the information “trans-fats free” was the most preferred among them. An association was found between schooling and choice of the label (p = 0.040), as well as between choice of label and knowledge about trans-fats (p = 0.063) and unsaturated fats (p = 0.012). The inclusion of additional information on the label implied a greater possibility of purchasing the product, while the absence of this information reduced its choice.

Autores: Cristiano Silva da Costa; Neliane Pereira do Nascimento; Luana Maria Alves de Medeiros; Leiliane da Fonseca Lima Herculano; Paulo Henrique Machado de Sousa


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